US May Likely Adopt the Canadian Immigration System

Canada vs USA on Immigration: Five differences and Five Similarities

Donald Trump, the United States president, has proposed, as a supposed way of moderation, that his new immigration system is like that of Canada. He announced that he intends to reconstruct the Immigration policy in the US so that immigrants can be allowed in based on merit and not skills. Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Speaker of the House, dismissed the president’s plan, describing it as “not a remotely serious proposal.” However, spelled out below are the similarities and differences between the US immigration system and that of Canada. Differences
  1. While the Canadian system does not permit the reunification of the family, the US system does. Most Immigrants are accepted into Canada based on education and how their skills can be used to boost the economy, and this is what the US new system is trying to emulate.
  2. Canada experiences illegal crossings due to the recent threats by Trump’s administration to send illegal immigrants away. But, it is lesser when compared to the number of illegal immigrants flowing into the US, mostly through Central America. This is because Canadian borders are less vulnerable.
  3. The immigrants welcomed in the US are three times lesser than those welcome in Canada.
  4. Canada does not debate immigration like America. The Immigration debate in the US is intense and even at a point of pulling the Republicans and Democrats apart on issues once uniformly agreed. While a fight to build a border wall is generated by Trump’s administration, the abolishment of the United States Customs Enforcement Agency is being called upon by some senators. But, in Canada, immigration is hardly disagreed on by their politicians.
  5. While the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau has the final say in the Immigration policy, the US president has to present his at the Congress to be deliberated upon, and that is why there is often debate. According to Antje Ellermann, a UBC political Scientist, the Civil servants and government mostly dominate Canadian immigration, and the public rarely gets involved.
  1. Both countries share almost the same worries concerning immigration. Last year, in a Pew Research poll, about 46% of Americans and 53% of Canada intended to deport illegal immigrants. Also, 80% of Canadians wants either normalcy or reduction in the number of immigrants they receive. This is compared to the Americans, which are 73%.
  2. The ethnic structure of the two countries is being influenced by immigration. A projection is made that in 2044, the USA will become a “Majority-Minority” place with the blacks as the majority. Same goes for Canada, projected to be the same in 2060.
  3. Moving around both countries have become more difficult due to the increase in the cost of housing, according to David Frum in his essay “The Atlantic.”
  4. Most gains made are through large-scale immigration. The population growth during immigration helps provides more workers and customers. But most workplaces in these countries do to treat their immigrant employees well as such, and they do not vote.
  5. With the US also proposing Immigration based on merit, public figures in America and Canada have not expressed the sufferings of developing countries as their talents are lured away by richer countries.
With this topic as a globally discussed one, there is no prediction as to whether the US will adopt the Canadian immigration system or Canada will adopt the US’s. Stay connected to to know more updated visa news from Australia, Canada, Europe, the UK, and the USA! Please fill our Evaluation form to know whether you are eligible or not and we will also suggest you for the better options available for you.

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