UK Observes Increase in Non-EU Immigration Ahead of Brexit

Recently, information from the Office for National Statistics has shown that an estimate of 248,000 non-EU citizens traveled into the UK in the previous year, which when compared to the previous year is a 40% increase and the most significant amount of non-EU immigrants since 2004.

The author of the V4 report, which is a blog that is committed to reporting news about immigration in Europe, Bill Ravotti, gave Sputnik an explanation about the cause of the spike in the non-EU travels to the UK. Ravotti mentioned that the more the EU citizens travel out of Britain before the incoming Brexit, the more the migrants outside the European bloc will travel into Britain. This is due to the multicultural policy that was established by the British Government.

The Reason for the High Number of Jihadists in Britain

Ravotti added that to Him, it was no shocker, since the previous government had promoted the multicultural setting and considering the fact that we had decades in view, although the focus of many have the tendency to be on the issues related to mass migration in Germany, France, and Belgium, there is a continuous struggle with multiculturism and the integration of immigrants recently in the UK. He pointed out that often-times the immigrants disapprove the customs and beliefs of the host country, and they would instead bring and uphold theirs; the effect of this is a large number of citizen jihadists today. Ravotti buttressed His point by explaining that not all second-generation immigrant reject the host country's culture. However, it was discovered in 2016 that the third largest amount of Syrian foreign fighters lived in Britain.

Lastly, Ravotti noted that recently, the Islamic religious sect is one of the youngest and fastest growing religions in the country with followers rising about 10 times faster than the other sects in the country.

Ravotti said he doubts that the current trend in the non-EU migration to the UK will change after Brexit because it only affects bloc migration, in fact, this condition might never change, because once multicultural societies are created, breaking the cycle becomes a very tough task, especially when the indigenes of the country have low birth rates. The UK will require something more effective than Brexit to bring changes to the current situation.

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