The Revoke of H-4 Visa Holders Work Permits Postponed

An alarm uncalled-for maybe created by those depending on the holders of H-1B visa, as they assume that work permits for them will end due to the news recently. The H-4 Employment Authorization Document (EAD) rule permits H-1B holders' spouses to find jobs in the country. Constantly, threats have been made by Trump’s administration to annul the program though it has not been formally announced. Since February, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) in the White House has been reviewing the annulment. The Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer at LCR Capital Partners, Rogelio Caceres said that though the changes have been proposed over a year, it is not sure whether it will be implemented this year or used for a political agenda. Notwithstanding, there is still a threat to the H-4EAD. Meetings have been held, and lots of consultations made since March 2019.

Stealing or Filling Jobs?

The present administration has made a case of American jobs being stolen by the H-4 workers, but according to experts, foreign talents are needed in the US to help boost the economy. According to Irina Plumlee, an Immigration expert, the country is in need of specialists in fields like medicine, IT, Construction, Engineering, and the likes and the best chance to fill those blank spaces is by using foreign workers. Also, from research, H-4 visa is considered the least harmful to US workers. According to a Manager and Technology Evangelistic Intel Community Development, Suyata Tibrewala, the Holders of H-4EAD are only permitted to find jobs. Competing for and securing the jobs is up to the individual involved. Suyata Tibrewala used a dependent visa into the US, and with that, she worked her way higher. When H-4EAD is annulled, Indian women like her will be most affected due to the fact that Indians have received more than 100,000 H-4EAD visas in total and 90% are women. Stay connected to to know more updated visa news from Australia, Canada, Europe, the UK, and the USA! Please fill our Evaluation form to know whether you are eligible or not and we will also suggest you for the better options available for you.

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