Scotland to persuade EU citizens to stay after Brexit

On Tuesday, the First Minister of Scotland told French Lawmakers that Scotland can effectively influence EU citizens to remain even after Brexit, despite considerations made towards the shortage of workforce in the third smallest nation in the UK.

According to Nicola Sturgeon, one of the people in support of Scotland's break out from the UK, told French lawmakers that the proposal entered by Britain to exit the EU and the movement restrictions could affect the economy of Scotland negatively more than it does to entire Britain.

Petit businesses and tourism associations have raised concerns about labor shortages which are already present in jobs that are remote and low-paying like food processing and hospitality, which are very important to the economic success of Scotland and rely primarily on EU employees.

There has been political tension arising between Sturgeon’s government, which is in opposition to Brexit, and the divided Conservative government in Britain, which is having a hard time trying to deliver Brexit by 29th March.

The discomfort which Brexit pulls on the Scottish National Party is an additional pressure that drives her to seek independence since the incumbent break with the EU has forced British politics to the edge.

Sturgeon noted that when there is a restriction of movement, the population suffers a decline. He added that there is a tendency to observe labor shortage in universities, rural areas and health care services.

She further added that the government of the UK is announcing the end of the free movement as a success.

Issues over Brexit have heightened the relationship between the four nations of the United Kingdom. In a 2016 referendum, both Northern Ireland and Scotland voted to remain in the EU, whereas England and Wales voted to leave.

One of the main reasons why Britons voted in favor of Brexit in 2016 was to effect a decrease in the number of EU citizens trooping to Britain. The subject of immigration is one among several heated political problems in the Brexit dialogue albeit there places in England which are currently facing labor shortages.

The report has it that there has been a decline in the net immigration of EU citizens to Britain, as the number dropped to its lowest level in about six years.

Labor Shortage Attributed to Brexit

Studies have shown that lately, the economy of Scotland is majorly in the hands of EU immigrants and its population is getting smaller.

A Government official from Scotland had refused to disclose the nitty-gritty of the government's strategy towards keeping citizens of the EU in Scotland is. However, London believes that the migration system of Scotland does not need to be differentiated.

Last year, Scotland stated ways through which EU citizens can be supported. Some include ignoring a registration fee, sponsoring a right service of a citizen to supply information and create awareness of the situation and to settle the financial costs of the tuition for EU students attending Universities in Scotland.

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