According to the data collated by the Department of Internal Affairs, individuals who are Indian born have topped the citizens' list for Auckland. Vishal Sheth, a citizen of India, arrived New Zealand in 2006 as an International Student. This year, precisely on the 11th of December he became a legal citizen of New Zealand at 37 and as a manager of a supermarket. He believes he has finally found his home. 18,543 people have been granted citizenship in Auckland, and of all these people, 2,885 of them are Indian borns. Also, there are 2033 Indian borns in Samoa, 1910 in Fiji and 1669 in the United Kingdom. An Immigration Expert in Massey University, Prof. Paul Spoonley has mentioned that India and China are the two major source countries which recently accept the highest number of visa categories. He further noted that within the last three years, India had overthrown China as the primary source, especially when it has to do with moving from owning a study visa to getting a permanent visa. Spoonley pointed out that generally looking at Auckland and NewZealand, the community size of the Indians is larger than that of the Chinese. However, in the actual sense only a few Chinese moves from merely being residents to being citizens. This explains their low population of 820 over time.

New Zealand PR has Benefits

The professor also said that in New Zealand, permanent residents are not mandated to become citizens of the country to enjoy the privileges of the citizens as is the case in many other countries. Permanent Residents enjoy a vast range of services and rights in New Zealand. Another reason why immigrants would and should get New Zealand visa is that there has been evidence that it can help migrants gain access to several other countries, notably Australia. However, this fact is mostly always over-emphasized.


According to a spokeswoman from the Department of Internal Affairs, of every ten new citizens, 6 of them are from Auckland, although this year the figure was about 50%. This is the case study of the Production Department Manager of Remuera New World who was formerly a citizen of Gujarat. He said the reason he chooses to be a citizen of the NZ was to prove his commitment to his new found home. In his words, "My family lives here, and I work here, I, therefore, consider this place my home. Acquiring citizenship here for me means I have no intentions of moving from here." His wife was initially an Indian and has also acquired citizenship in New Zealand. Their child is a New Zealand born. Stay connected to Visa News to know more updated visa news from Australia, Canada, Europe, the UK, and the USA! Please fill our Evaluation form to know whether you are eligible or not and we will also suggest you for the better options available for you.

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