How Ending TPS Will Hurt U.S. Citizen Children

Within the last two years, several Immigrants who have the Temporary Protected Status have been stripped of their protections by the Trump administration. Abolishing the Temporary Protected Status can have very adverse effects on bearers of the status and their family members. Also, about 279,200 children below the age of 18, who were born in the US but have family members from other countries would be affected by this action. In the meantime, so many lawsuits are questioning the efforts made by the administration to stop TPS. If the administration goes through with their decision to abolish the TPS, foreigners who have lived and worked in the US for over 22 years using this status would be left stranded and would have to make tough decisions. There are three possible scenarios outlined below that can occur if the Temporary Protected Status is abolished: First Scenario: Parents who are TPS holders get deported or voluntarily return to their home countries, leaving their children in the US. This sought of separation can affect the children psychologically and emotionally, leaving them financially insecure. Most often than not, children who are separated from their parents become depressed and traumatized. They tend to have difficulties in school work, inadequate sleep and to cry frequently. The long term effect of such an occurrence on a child could include challenges in learning, behavior, and physical health, and frequent mood swings. Second Scenario:  Parents who are TPS holders get deported or voluntarily return to their home cUS-borns with their US-born children. Their home countries may be in a horrible state, facing economic challenges or similarly difficult conditions. The children will be exposed to danger if there are fewer academic openings and increased violence rate in the countries they have to return to. Third Scenario: Parents stay with their children in the US without their protected status, hence live with the risk of deportation and lose their authority to work. It has been observed that children from the ages of three and above living in Immigrant communities show behavioral changes if they live with parents that are to be deported. Children can suffer emotionally, just with the mere thought of separation. Reports have it that children whose parents are Immigrants are often very vulnerable and prone to psychological distress after learning about other separated families. As Trump's administration makes progress towards abolishing the Temporary Protected Status, US-born children and their TPS holder' parents are left to face the uncertainty of their stay in the country. It is the opinion of the public that these parents be given a legal pathway through which they can obtain Citizenship in the country which they have already called "home" for years. Stay connected to Visa News to know more updated visa news from Australia, Canada, Europe, the UK, and the USA! Please fill our Evaluation form to know whether you are eligible or not and we will also suggest you for the better options available for you.

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