H-1B Visa Holder Sues Indian Outsourcing Company

An H-1B visa holder has sued an Indian outsourcing company by the name Fazlur Mahammad for allegedly asking him to pay cash in order to receive his salary. Mahammad who is a citizen of India was still residing in Canada as at 2015 when he got recruited by Kellton Tech Solutions in the US to work initially with the B1/B2 Visa and afterwards moved on to the H-1B visa scheme. In the complaint, it was stated that it was common for defendants to threaten the plaintiffs with deportation or revocation of visa if they refuse to pay money before getting their salary. The plaintiff complained about how badly he was treated at Kellton with evidence and was fired. After that, Mahammad filed a civil complaint against the firm and some other companies. Currently, his location and visa status remain unknown.

Narrowing Down the Case

The firm in question is a major operation with over 1,400 employees all over the world. Within the space of three years, the firm has applied for 1,013 H-1B workers and has employed over one-third of them. With all the benefits attached to being an employer of H-1B visa holders, one would wonder why a large firm like Kellton Tech Solutions would bother with the money of its worker. While going through the complaint that was filed, it was realized that the complainant was forced to give back part of his hard earned salary to the very firm he worked for through a private account. On the other hand, it could be implied that an individual employee was extorting other employees with or without the knowledge of the employer. In the complaint, the names of the owners of the account to which the money was to be sent were mentioned, although they were not named as defendants in the complaint. He only called the defendant as the employer. However, the complainant has by filing the case, implicated himself and his employer at the same time considering the fact that he was on a B1/B2 Visa as at the time of employment, which is an illegal act. Stay connected to Visa News to know more updated visa news from Australia, Canada, Europe, the UK, and the USA! Please fill our Evaluation form to know whether you are eligible or not and we will also suggest you for the better options available for you.

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