Boost for Indian IT Firms as US Restores Premium 15-day H-1B Visa Process

The Citizenship and Immigration Service of the United States had announced the resumption of its premium processing for H-1B Visa applications that were submitted on or before the 21st of December 2018. The Premium Processing Service had been suspended since last year April so that the massive backlog of applications that have been accumulated over the years can be cleared, and the USCIS can focus on new applications. The United States Immigration Agency explained that the role of the premium processing service is to speed up the processing time for employment-based petitions and applications, charging an additional $1,410 for the service. This fee had increased by 15% last year and is higher than every other filing fee that has to be paid in the application process. Having increased the processing time, the USCIS expects that the number of people settling for the premium processing will be many.

H-1B Visa

This is a well-known US non-immigrant visa that is used by firms in the country to employ foreigners in skilled jobs. This visa program has been effectively utilized by the American Tech Companies to employ skilled workers from countries like China and India. The report has it that 60% of the H-1B Visa program beneficiaries are Indians. Little wonder that the Administration of Trump decision has brought relief to the Indian Tech Firms in the US which were facing a severe labor shortage. The CEO at Everest Group, Peter Bendor-Samuel pointed out how beneficial the H-1B Visa application extension is to the good of the nation, as it promotes skilled Immigration and favors the Indians. He, however, mentioned that this would not cause a reduction in the number of US employees to be employed. The Premium processing, which is to be effected on the 1st of April 2019, will allow the USCIS to take back the order it uses for selecting H-1B petitions through the advanced degree exemption and the regular cap. Because of this, employers in the US who intend to employ foreigners with a master's or higher degree obtained from an institution in the US will stand a higher chance of being selected during the lottery program, hence satisfying the 'buy American, hire American' order of the Trump administration. In spite of the reinstitution of the premium processing service, other programs which entail hiring directly from college. According to the USCIS, the premium processing service for H-1B applications that were submitted on or after 22 December 2018 are still on temporary suspension. Stay connected to Visa News to know more updated visa news from Australia, Canada, Europe, the UK, and the USA! Please fill our Evaluation form to know whether you are eligible or not and we will also suggest you for the better options available for you.

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