Schengen Visa Fee to Increase from January 2020

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Schengen Visa Fee to Increase from January 2020

From January 2020, a higher visa fee will be required from those who need a Schengen visa. These changes occurred after the updated Schengen was given a final nod by the EU council.

According to the EU Council Press release, once the amended regulation is enforced, the fees for the Schengen visa will rise from €60 to €80, resulting in a 33.3% increase. Also, with this regulation, there will be a review of the change of fees every three years.

There will be a publication in the Official Journal of the European Union after the EU Council has finally adopted the new EU visa regulation. It will later be enforced after six months of publication. All third-country citizens in need of a Schengen visa are subject to this regulation. From January 2020, an application fee of €80 will be required from all citizens of the third-country in need of a Schengen visa if the text is finally published at the end of June 2019.

Other changes are included in the new regulation as well. In an attempt to ease traveling for travelers who frequently go to Schengen countries, the European Commission proposed these amendments last year.

Other Changes

According to the new rules, a maximum of six months is permitted for applications to be submitted, and not later than fifteen days to the trip. Previously, the application period was three months. Also, an intention has been made by the EU to harmonize the approach to which multiple entry visas are issued to regular travelers who have a positive visa history between one to five years.

The new code intends to add to third countries’ cooperation on readmission by introducing leverage for the usage of visa processing as a new mechanism.

There will be a continuous assessment of the third countries with regards to the cooperation on readmission through this mechanism. Restrictive visa measures such as visa fees and visa processing will be subjected to non-cooperating countries, while the benefits of cooperating countries will be reduced visa fees and an increase in the validity period of multiple entry visa.

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