In 2017 and 2018, the number of Europeans that voted terrorism to be one of the two most pressing national crisis has considerably gone down. During the Eurobarometer poll last year, 44% of all the respondents said that terrorism was one of the country's two major issues. However, on the same occasion this year, that value dropped to 20%. Currently, most people have their eyes on immigration, as about 40% of all the respondents mentioned this to be the significant depreciating factor in the country during the last three Eurobarometer polls held this year.

Other possible National Crisis mentioned

Also, other issues that were similarly considered to be important were raised during the polls in the last two years. An issue like the public finance condition of the member states was mentioned by about 19% of the correspondents, while about 18% of them spoke of the current economic situation. Another 16%, however, said it was the climate change. In Sweden, 46% of the respondents brought up climate change as the country's main setback. About 35% of the Portuguese respondents said it was terrorism. In spite of all other factors mentioned, Immigration topped it all with as it was first said in all the 28 states which make up the EU.

Economic Analysis for EU member states

As has always been the trend, member states pose great variations when polls are made for them to analyze the financial situation of their countries. In Greece, only 6% of the citizens judged the economy to be good. The other 94% said it was terrible. In Luxemburg, Malta, and Netherlands, the responses of the citizens were very positive as 90% of them said the situation was right. Other countries with a really low percentage of respondents who felt their country's economic state was bad to include Bulgaria, Croatia, and Spain. Giving a foresight, 44%of the respondents went ahead to express their fears for the future of their nation's economy, saying that it might only get worse, while another large group felt that the effect the crisis has on jobs is at its peak. In countries like the UK and France, 60% and 67% of the respondents there (respectively) said things might only get worse with time. Stay connected to Visa News to know more updated visa news from Australia, Canada, Europe, the UK, and the USA! Please fill our Evaluation form to know whether you are eligible or not and we will also suggest you for the better options available for you.

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