EU Citizens Will No Longer Need Visas To Visit The UK

Brexit – The main issues at play

Brexit did have some serious complications when it came to UK- Europe relations. Businesses were unclear how they could carry out their activities- the rules seemed unclear and there was chaos. One of the most important queries was about the requirement for EU citizens to get a U.K. visa again.

Well, not any more.

Recently, it has come to light that post-Brexit, all EU citizens might be free to visit the UK without having to go through the trouble of obtaining visas.

Sources at Whitehall have issued a confirmation that this policy is well on its way. The Post-Brexit immigration plan of the UK is being conjectured for quite some time now, and the report is expected to be published later in this year.

However, EU citizens will not have the right to stay indefinitely because of the visa-free rule. If they want to settle in the UK and work, they would have to follow the normal migration procedures.

British ministers have continuously asserted that they have no intention to stop immigration entirely. Brexit will allow them to take certain control measures but they will still hire skilled workers from the EU.

There had been conjecture that the government might use quotas so as to keep the number of skilled workers from EU coming into the UK, in check. But sources have denied this claim and said that the new immigration system would consist of a particular number of work permits which will be issued for EU workers in particular employment sectors.

The immigration plans that will be published this year will explain in detail the government’s proposals for a long-term system. However, during the transitional period, there may be different rules in play. Even though EU citizens will not need a visa anymore to enter the UK after Brexit, this does not allow them free movement.