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UK Might Lift Tier 2 Visa Cap As Home Secretary Goes Against The Policy

UK Might Lift Tier 2 Visa Cap As Home Secretary Goes Against The Policy

Sajid Javid became the United Kingdom’s home secretary in April 2018 and definitely isn’t the one who is afraid to speak his mind. His...
India Received Most Express Entry Invitations

India Received Most Express Entry Invitations

The Canadian Express Entry system is one of the most popular immigration programs across the globe. The government of Canada recently released a list...
Indian E-visa System A Major Success

E-visa System is a Great Achievement by Indian Govt.

It has been almost four years since the Indian government launched the electronic visa system. India is one of the most visited countries in...
UK Govt Temporarily Removed Tier 2 Cap for Doctors and Nurses

UK Govt to Ease Visa Regulations for Indian Doctors

After hundreds of requests made by Indian doctors, two cabinet ministers of the UK government are considering the temporary abolition of tier 2 monthly...

E2 Treaty Investor Visa to Get US Green Card

E2 treaty investor visa is one of the most expensive paths to acquiring a US green card, but that hasn’t kept investors away from...
Trump to Revoke Intl Entrepreneur Rule

US Govt. Plans to Abolish International Entrepreneur Rule

US president Donald Trump is pumped to take away every way immigrants can stay in the country. Trump administration announced on May 29, 2018,...

Visa Shortage Keeps IT workers and Engineers Out of UK

For the past six months, the UK government is receiving an exceedingly high number of visa applications for tier 2 visas. Immigration critics feel...

Federal Govt Need to Support More for Toronto Refugee Crisis

  Toronto is going through a significant refugee crisis, and the federal government has done very little about it. John Tory, mayor of Toronto, is...

Canadian Government New Canadian Cannabis Act

Things are going to change for Canadian citizens, and permanent residents after Canadian government passes Cannabis Act in September 2018 that legalizes the use...

Colombia Has More Than 200,000 Undocumented Venezuelans

Colombia government recently asked undocumented immigrants to register themselves at the Colombian authorities and found that more the Andean country has more than 200,000...
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