Quebec Provides Free French-speaking Classes to all Temporary Newcomers

Quebec Provides Free French-speaking Classes to all Temporary Newcomers

If you are attending to enhance your skills in French-speaking, Quebec government offers courses to assist immigrants to learn the language. As of July 2019, the courses provided are now accessible for free of charge to those residing in Quebec with a status of temporary immigration.

Eligibility Criteria for French-speaking Classes

Prior to 1 July 2019, only those who resided in Quebec for shorter than five years were qualified to join in free French language courses. Now, the Quebec government has addressed the courses open to anyone with temporary immigration status. It includes international students, temporary workers, and their spouses. Also, financial compensation is being awarded to those who participate in this course.

It is essential to note that those who presently hold a work or study permit should examine their status conditions before enrolling for a full-time French course.

Four types of Classes Offered

  • Full-time Course
  • Part-time Course
  • Specialized Employment Field
  • Online French Classes

Enhancing skills in the French-language can be a significant benefit, for anyone interested in living and working in Canada, a nation with two formal languages. Although in the preceding months there has been uncertainty in immigration of Quebec, the province has freshly published its initial rounds of invitations by Arrima with more hopefully coming in the following weeks.

The Canadian government is remaining to recognize the necessity of immigrant assistance when their arrival in the year 2018, CAD 1 billion was allocated to immigrant services which includes the help in securing jobs, finding accommodation, schools for their children, and enrolling for language classes.

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