Quebec Immigration Targets to Admit 44500 Permanent Residents in 2020

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Quebec Immigration Targets to Admit 44,500 Permanent Residents in 2020

Quebec Immigration could admit 44,500 permanent residents and announce 24,700 latest selection certificates in the year 2020, the immigration ministry of Quebec announced on 30 Oct 2019, Wednesday.

The majority of current admissions to Quebec province in 2020- 59% are assumed to come by the economic immigration programs of the province, it includes the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (Q.S.W.P).

The immigration ministry of the province said its aims for 2020 respond to Quebec’s labor requirements while considering its capabilities for welcoming & integrating the latest arrivals.

The immigration levels, which grant for an increase of 2,700 above its maximum of 41,800 immigrants in 2019, indicate the governing Coalition Avenir Québec (C.A.Q)’s commitment to progressively raise levels of immigration to the province after diminishing them by about 20%.

The CAQ told the decrease was necessary to secure new immigrants are well integrated into Quebec province’s majority French-speaking community and also its labor market.

Simon Jolin-Barrette, Immigration Minister of Quebec, said on 30 Oct that the province’s level of immigration could return to over 50,000 that the level it was when the C.A.Q won in the year 2018 by 2022.

22,000 Skilled Worker Admissions Goal in 2020

Quebec has fixed a range within 25,500 & 26,300 new admissions for its economic immigration class, it includes a highest of 22,000 skilled workers.

The province of Quebec has a maximum of 3,600 entries for its business immigration classes, which comprises the Quebec Self-Employed Worker and the Quebec Entrepreneur Programs.

The highest of 700 entries is also set for “different economic categories” such as caregivers & others. The outlasting 18,200 new permanent residents are expected to arrive by family sponsorship, refugees and different immigration programs.

Quebec Selection Certificate Goals in 2020

Below the terms of the Canada-Quebec Accord, Quebec can select all Economic Class newcomers and specific refugees to the province.

Those nominated are given with a Quebec Selection Certificate (C.S.Q) and they can appeal to Canadian government for a Canada PR visa.

Quebec says approximately 71% of entire admissions to the province should be chosen by the province.

Quebec’s proposal calls for announcing within 20,100 & 24,700 selection certificates in 2020 which is slightly shorter than its plan for 2019, which had a limit of 20,200 to 24,800. In those, the majority of 15,000 would go to skilled worker applicants.

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