People from other countries require a visa to visit Canada

Policies have been changed by the Canadian government for visitors. Now visa is required for everybody unless exempt, anyone who wants to go to Canada will need a TRV before traveling to Canada. US and Canada are considered very close regarding their trade. But now even US permanent residents will have to get an eTA to visit Canada by air. The travelers are instructed to show a permanent residence card with a valid passport when they book their flight to Canada.

As far as Canadian citizen are concerned, from Nov 10, 2016, Canadian National having dual nationality will also need a valid Canadian passport to book a flight to Canada otherwise, there will be delays as per security procedures. Canadian citizen especially dual national cannot apply for eTA.

With the refugee crisis on the rise, there are some problems which are being faced by the Canadian Government. So to provide security and safety to these refugees, the government of Canada decided to have more security check. More over TRV is given to only those foreign national which are looking for work.

Canada needs fresh talent, more skilled workers to help their economy grow. Provinces of Canada have started new programs to attract new talent from outside. People of Canada are also welcoming more than ever to support the government. But there are issues which need to resolve quickly. There is so much potential for the people in Canada. Issues like refugee crisis, security, health care, etc.

Temporary visa for the people traveling to Canada is also an integral part of this whole process. That’s is why from Nov 10 and on wards the people coming from different countries will have to apply for the TRV to visit Canada. If you are planning to visit Canada, then you should read the policy and follow the changes to save your time.

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