Canada Immigration has made some changes by included few documents to their most popular PGP Parents and Grandparents program. Which is called Super Visa Program.

Super Visa allows parents and grandparents of permanent residents to visit Canada for an extended period beyond 6 months. Super Visa is given for 10 years period and it allows the applicant to stay for 2 years period on an entry. Canada also has 10-year multiple entry visas which will not allow the applicant to extend the stay beyond 6 months. Hence Super Visa has become a popular option of visa for permanent residents to invite their parents or grandparents to extend support while they are trying to build their careers and life in Canada.

Immigration has updated the documents required for the PGP program. It required by the sponsor to meet the minimum income threshold depending on a number they invite. They need to submit tax documents to allow IRCC(Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) to assess the income level from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) . This has been updated in the list of the documents required for PGP program.

Minimum income threshold per annum;

1person - $24328

2person - $30286

3person - $37234

4person - $45206

5person - $51272

6person - $57826

7person - $64381

Morethan 7 persons for each additional person $6555 need to add.

Immigration officers also consider several details of the applicants before they grant the visa. They will check the possibility of the individual's return back to their home country. This is mostly on the financial, economic stability and family ties in the home country. Applicant must provide the document proof that sponsor meets the minimum threshold, and they must also have Canadian medical insurance coverage for at least 1 year with medicals done in their home country.

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