The Provincial Nominee Program in Ontario stands a great chance of meeting its immigrant intake target for 2019; which is the nomination of 6,900 applicants.

Asides being the most populated province in Canada, Ontario is the most filled in choice destination for prospective immigrants seeking to come to Canada.

The Provincial Nominee Program of Canada operates in about nine provinces and two territories in the country, giving them the liberty to nominate a predefined number of applicants for Permanent Residence in Canada so as to meet its labor needs.

PNP’s Nomination Allocation for Ontario

In 2018, the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) was initially allocated 6,600 nomination slots; hence making it the most significant number of nominations issued through the PNP. In the latter part of 2018, OINP still received additional 250 nomination slots, bringing its total nominations for that year to 6,850.

After the province was allocated 6,600 nomination slots in 2018, it submitted a request for an increase in the number of nomination slots by 1,000 for the next year (2019), so that it can have a total of 7,600 slots this year. The reason behind this action was that the provinces’ nominee program was highly demanded among intending immigrants.

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program

The increase in Ontario’s nomination allocation for 2019 is an indication of a national increase in the annual immigrant admission target for 2019 and 2020 through the Provincial Nominee Program. Last year, the national admission target stood at 55,000 nominations through the PNP but has been increased by 6,000 nominations this year, producing a total of 61,000 nominations for Permanent Residence.

This year, the allocation slot for Ontario is comprised of 6,650 nomination slots; which will be issued generally under the different OINP immigration pathways, and 250 slots for Temporary Skilled Workers with intermediate skills; which are part of a new initiative introduced by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada on the 12th of March.

There are three immigration streams in Ontario which are affiliated to Canada’s Express Entry System. These streams give the OINP the right to search for and invite applicants from the Federal pool who are found to be eligible to apply for nomination by the province for Permanent Residence in Canada. Ontario’s Human Capital Priority Stream was the most active immigration stream in 2018, has issued about 2,190 of all the 6,850 nominations issued by the province last year.

The French Speaking Skilled Worker and the Skilled Trades Streams; two Express Entry linked streams, jointly issued a total of 1,035 nominations last year.

In the OINP, specific streams are not linked to the Express Entry System. These streams are called base nomination streams.

Among the available base streams in the OINP, the International Student Stream – Employer Job Offer issued 1,254 nominations, which was invariably the highest number of nominations made by a base stream in 2018.

The Master’s Graduate Stream seconded this stream with 1,215 nominations issued to international graduate students that are holders of a master’s degree from a recognized university in Ontario.

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