After 10 years of decline in immigrant population, Ontario saw a 36.8 percent increase in permanent residents in 2017 compared to 2016, all thanks to Ahmed Hussen and IRCC’s tireless efforts. Ontario’s permanent resident population started dropping when the former Conservative government encouraged regional immigration, which included encouraging immigrants to settle in other cities of Canada other than Toronto, Montreal, and British Columbia to reduce pressure put on the city infrastructure. Permanent residents in Ontario increased from 95,828 in 2014 to 111,925 in 2017. In 2016, Ontario welcomed 40 percent of the total immigrants that entered Canada. Jack Jedwab, Canadian Institute for Identities and Migration, said that Greater Toronto Area in Ontario is again becoming the go-to place for new immigrants. British Columbia and Alberta aren’t doing well economically, which also has encouraged immigrants to settle in Greater Toronto Area. Alberta economy is going through a terrible crisis and cost of living in British Columbia is so high that it is impossible to find an affordable apartment. Alberta is going through a declining population of permanent residents after a decade-long increase. British Columbia has a steady growth of 13.5 percent annually after decreasing for the past three years. On the whole, immigration in Canada is increasing steadily at 15 percent a year. After Justin Trudeau became the prime minister, the regional immigration was taken away, encouraging immigrants to settle in Toronto again. It is a big city and has plenty of opportunities.

Positive attitude towards immigration

Majority of local Canadians have a positive attitude towards immigrants and Ahmed Hussen’s three years immigration levels plan. In a public survey released on March 22, it was revealed that locals are okay until and unless refugees enter Canada legally. Canada aims to welcome over one million immigrants in the next three years, out of which 60 percent will be economic immigrants.

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