Last year, the Province of Ontario nominated 6,850 applicants for the Canadian permanent residence, and over 50% of those nominates were applicants in the Express Entry System.

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program makes it possible for the province to nominate economic immigrants every year for Permanent Residence in Canada. It is the biggest program in Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program; a program which collaborates with territories and provinces to evenly distributes immigrants to every part of the country for the common good of the people.

Ontario immigration Streams linked to the Express Entry System

There are three immigration streams in the Immigrant Nominee Program of Ontario linked to Express Entry System. There include; Human Capital Priorities Stream, French Speaking and Skilled Trades stream. The Human Capital Priorities Stream had issued the highest number of nominations among the three streams in 2018, issuing about 2,190 nominations altogether.

Most Populous Foreign Nationals in the List of Nominees

Despite having applicants from 147 different countries, the most populous nationals in the 2018 list of Nominees were originally Indians. Out of 6,850 nominations issued in 2018 by Ontario, about 39% or 2,651 of it went to Indian-born applicants. The second most populous Nationals were from China, dominating about 21% of the entire Nominee list with precisely 1,424 people.

Five Most Nominated Birth Countries in 2018

Birth Country Number of Nominations
India 2,651
China 1,424
South Korea 303
Brazil 203
Nigeria 158

Offer of Employment

According to the Immigrant Nominee Program in Ontario, an offer of employment was not one of the necessities for receiving a Provincial Nomination from Ontario as at last year. In fact, just about 36% of all the Nominees had an offer of employment from an employer in Ontario before being selected by the Province for nominations. This notwithstanding, there are certain provisions made for targeted nominations in the Human Capital Priorities Stream. Last year, there were three draws in which the stream focused on the economic needs of the Ontario Labor Market. The Ph.D. and Master's Graduate Streams are immigration streams in Ontario which do not need a job offer to nominate applicants.

Nomination of Tech Workers

It was observed that over one-fourth of the nominations by the province targeted applicants with an offer of employment or work experience in a technical field. Occupations listed under this field include IT System Analyst, Computer Programmers, Software Designers and Engineers, Interactive Media Developers and Technology Consultants.

Ontario Making Progress in 2019

Although the province has not yet been allotted its number of nominations for the year by the Federal Government, there has been a forward movement for Ontario as the Express Entry linked Streams have jointly issued 2,053 invitations to apply for provincial nomination. On the 14th of January, a draw was held by the Human Capital Priorities Stream, and 1,493 applicants were invited to apply for nomination through this stream. Stay connected to Visa News to know more updated visa news from Australia, Canada, Europe, the UK, and the USA! Please fill our Evaluation form to know whether you are eligible or not and we will also suggest you for the better options available for you.

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