New Quebec Immigration Law says Thousands Must Reapply

Posted on: 25 Jun 2019  |   Tags: Live in Canada ,

New Quebec Immigration Law says Thousands Must Reapply

A controversial immigration bill has been approved by a provincial legislature in Quebec, Canada. This bill is to replace the previous immigration system which was based on first come first serve.

As announced by Mr. Simon Jilin-Barrette, the Immigration Minister on Twitter, after the governing center-right Coalition Avenir Québec assembled a marathon session on Sunday, the vote which was 62-to-42 was passed on the bill. He further explained to the National Assembly that the system was modified in the interest of the public in order to meet labor market needs.

The law is identified to the plan proposed by President Donald Trump of the United States, which is focused on shifting the family-based immigration system in the US to merit-based Immigration system.

The law is made to provide the Labour market in Quebec with the needed skills as possessed by the immigrants.

Due to this new law, more than 50,000 individuals who may already be living in Quebec may be affected as about 18,000 filed applications will be shredded. The present applicants, about 18,000, will have to begin a new immigration process.

There has been a promise for fast processing of new applications by the provincial government, as such within six months, qualified workers will be replied. This is faster than the 36 months current wait.

‘Inhuman’ Measure

The measure has been opposed by all the three opposition parties who referred to it as “inhuman” and also complained that there was no justification by the government towards the 18,000 pending applications dropped.

According to the Montreal Gazette, MP Dominique Anglade of Liberal party said that in history, the bill will not be held in a positive view rather it will tarnish Quebec’s image.

In order to limit the controversy over the proposal, a special parliamentary procedure was used by Premier Francois Legault’s government, whose party won the power with a promise to reduce the flow of immigrants to Quebec by 20%.

Another assembly was held on Sunday, and after a controversial debate, a bill which bans public servants like judges, teachers, police officers and prison guards from using religious symbols was passed. However, the new recruits are the only ones affected by the new law.

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