Lately, changes were made to the In-demand occupations in the Province of Saskatchewan, and that was an indication to the fact that the Canadian Provincial Nominee Program continually evolves to accommodate people from the different works of life. The Provincial Nominee Program is designed to give the Provinces the right to pick out applicants whom they consider eligible from the pool of candidates in the Express Entry System, to offer them an invitation to apply for the status of Permanent Residence in the country. The various Provinces involved in the program have been very active and have done a lot of work to help the government achieve its multi-year immigration levels target. Moreover, it has been estimated and allotted that the immigrant admission should rise from 61,000 new admissions in 2019, to 71,300 new admissions in 2021.

Provincial Nomination Streams in Canada

These streams come in two broad Classifications; the Base Nomination Streams and the Enhanced Nomination Streams. The Base Nomination Streams are not found under the Express Entry System. However, they give applicants the license to apply for Permanent Residence. The Enhanced Nomination Streams are associated to the Express Entry System of Canada; a system that oversees the activities and applicants in the significant immigration classes in Canada. Express Entry candidates that have been nominated via the Enhanced Nomination Streams would receive 600 bonus points in their Ranking Score; hence automatically qualifying for an invite to apply for Permanent Residence in the country. Four major developments made to the PNP in 2019 Changes made to Saskatchewan's In-demand Occupations The Province of Saskatchewan had its list of in-demand occupations revised; taking out some jobs that were no longer in high demand and adding new jobs to the list. Certain Sub-streams like the Occupation In-demand and Express Entry Sub-streams in both the Base Nomination Streams and Enhanced Nomination Streams respectively were affected by the changes made. One of the eligibility requirements demanded by both Sub-streams is that the applicants must have acquired work experience in one of the occupations mentioned on the list. In the review, the number of new occupations added was 13, and the number of in-demand jobs removed was 9, thus leaving the current number of In-demand jobs for Saskatchewan at 24. These changes will practically become effective in the forthcoming monthly draws to be held via the subcategories earlier mentioned. Ontario capable of making more nominations than was allotted The Province of Ontario announced that it was capable of meeting and exceeding its applicant nomination target for 2019. This large capacity can be traced to the fact that Ontario is the most populous and sought-after Province in Canada. This year, the province's admission target was increased by 300. 6650 admission slots were being allotted to principal allocations while 250 admission slots were allotted to Temporary Foreign Workers. The nominations are to be made through the various streams in the Ontario's Immigrant Nominee Program. Invitation of Financial Auditors and Accountants in Nova Scotia The Province of Nova Scotia invited applicants with work experience in Accounting and financial auditing through its Express Entry affiliated Labour Market Priorities Stream. The draw was held on the 24th of January, and nominated applicants were those who had submitted their profiles in the Express Entry System on or after 1st July, 2018, and who had scored between 400 - 450 points. Labour Market Priorities Stream permits the Nova Scotia Nominee Program to gather applicants from the Express Entry Pool who have work experience in certain occupations that are vacant in the province. Before the draw held on the 24th of January, the province's Nominee Program invited applicants in an occupation like early childhood education through the Labour Market Priorities Stream. However, nominations for its 20th March draw was directed at applicants who stated in their Express Entry profiles that their first official language is French. Manitoba's PNP renewal Program In the last 17 Months, the Province of Manitoba has established its renewal Program. One of the renewals made was the addition of two new pathways to the Manitoba Skilled Workers and Overseas Skilled Workers streams. Another development will be seen in the enhanced nomination for Manitoba Express Entry Pathway. Again, the eligibility criteria for the Human Capital Pathway under the Skilled Workers Overseas Stream was decided on and scheduled to be put in place in February 2019, but this has not yet achieved. The Human Capital Pathway is designed for Foreign Workers that are skilled and have work experience in one of the areas listed in the province's In-demand job list. Stay connected to VisaNews to know more updated visa news from Australia, Canada, Europe, the UK, and the USA! Please fill our Evaluation form to know whether you are eligible or not and we will also suggest you for the better options available for you.

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