New Immigration Opportunities for Graduates in Canada through Ontario

Posted on: 22 Mar 2017  |   Tags: Canada , Immigration , Visa ,

A lot of foreign grandaunts from educational institutions that are funded by taxpayer's money in Ontario Canada currently have the added choice of permanent migration. The foreign student master’s program and the foreign student Ph.D. program batches of the Ontario migration scheme began again on February 21, 2017.

The occurrence of this happens to be the first time that such an event would take place on May 9, 2016.

In the reinstating of these two batches that aimed their focuses on skilled and well-learned people, the community of Ontario, Canada is coming to terms with the fact that foreign schooled students are appealing as brand new citizens to the state.

By reinstating themselves in the country via their education, and in a lot of other aspects through paying jobs, foreign students may see themselves in a state to settle and integrate seamlessly into the society of the state.

Amongst the most appealing attributes of these programs is the fact that an applicant need not have an employment offer to be qualified for their scheme.

Also, an applicant need not be living in the state of Ontario as at the moment of applying for the program. Initially, this was only open for students under the master’s program. With the extension of this to the master’s program, it shows a more balanced requirement for them.

Before the initiation of this scheme, applicants must have been residing in Ontario at the moment of applying for the program.

Foreign Ph.D. students could be living anywhere in the country or even outside the country; Foreign master’s students may be living outside of Canada, although if they live in Canada but not within Ontario, they are ineligible to submit an application.

Applicants who get their application accepted to either one of these batches get a fundamental state certificate, enabling them to put forward an application for permanent residency to the government.

The batches are not in alignment with the country’s direct scheme, but still, give access to a permanent residency.

One other common batch of the Ontario scheme is the direct human capital priority batch which also began on 21st of February. The batch gives out an alert of interest to applicants in the direct entry pool whose characteristics are in alignment with the state’s requirements.

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