New changes by Canada for international student’s visa program

Canada is one of the most generous and beautiful among other countries of the world. It has a lot to offer to immigrants with so many opportunities. New changes are being made to help international students for high-quality education. It is important from the security aspect as well.

There is a potential for misuse of this student program, so the government decided to help a student from being miss guided, and the genuine student gets the opportunity to be a part of world's one of the fastest growing economy.

Following are the new rules:

  1. There will be a limit on issuance of study permit to applicants.
  2. Designated learning institute by provinces or territories should meet the basic standard.
  3. Studying at higher level institute should be notified to authorities.
  4. Students must follow the rules for different provinces and territories where the institute is located.
  5. For full-time international students for the various institution are given permission for part-time and for some designated certain institutions full time during holidays without a work permit.

Canada is a very welcoming country with a low population. It is there need that they allow new talent and skill full people to come and join their journey as a nation. PR rules are also softened for the foreign worker that shows commitment for the future. Another important thing is that students are allowed to work after the completion of their studies. More and more flexible packages are given to international students for their stay in Canada. People from all cultures and religion are welcomed in Canada.

If you want to live a healthy lifestyle and want to become a part off of the most generous and welcoming country. You should apply for Canada now because whether you are a student who wants to learn from world's leading institute or a business man who want to expand his business or a worker with skills. Canada is your top destination.

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