Manitoba Nominated Record-breaking Number for Permanent Residence in 2018

In 2018, the Province of Manitoba issued out about 5,207 nominations for Permanent Residence in Canada, a figure which was a record breaker for the past years. 98% of the nominations went to candidates that are skilled workers. Recently, the data which was released by the Provincial Nominee Program of Manitoba (MPNP) indicated that candidates from the Overseas Skilled Worker and Manitoba Skilled Worker immigration streams got a joint total of 5,119 nominations. Only 88 nominations were given to applicants in the Business Investor Stream of Manitoba. The MPNP is a renowned and long-standing nominee program in Canada which, like other nominee programs, nominates a certain number of immigration applicants for Permanent Residence status every year. The program was introduced more than twenty years ago and has recorded more than 130,000 nominations issued for the province through it. Last year, about 21% of all those invited did not have an offer of employment in Manitoba but showed a tendency of adaptability to the province either by community connection or family.

Skilled Worker Nominations

Nomination of Skilled Workers was broken-down thus:
  • Overseas Skilled Workers -           33% or 1,720 nominations
  • Manitoba Skilled Workers -           65% or 3,399 nominations
According to the MPNP, 535 of the total number of nominees (5,119) had a strong profile registered in the Express Entry System of Canada. Part of the renewal program done by the Provincial Nominee Program for Manitoba last year was the introduction of an Express Entry related Pathway. This pathway has been designed for all applicants in the Express Entry pool who have work experience in one of the professions stated in the In-Demand Occupations List for MPNP, amidst other eligibility criteria. Figures gotten from the MPNP revealed that in 2018, the number of Skilled Workers who had applied for Provincial Nomination by Manitoba had gotten to 26,443 and the number that received Advice to Apply were 7,950.

Other major achievements in 2018 include:

  • Percentage of Manitoba Skilled Workers approved was 98%
  • Percentage of Overseas Skilled Workers Approved was 90%
  • Percentage of applicants nominated without any offer of employment or employment in the province was 21%.
  • Skill type with the largest Nominations – Sales and Services (6)
  • Application processing time for Manitoba Skilled Worker was 2.8 months.
  • Application processing time for Overseas Skilled Worker was 3 months.
  • Number of nominees that had a post-secondary degree from Manitoba was 1,292.

High Rankers in the 2018 Nomination Board

Born Indians were the most nominated group in the 2018 nominee board, filling up 34.2% or 1,780 nominee slots of all the 2018 nominees. They were followed by the Chinese, who were 825 in number or 15.8% of the total number of nominees in 2018. 10 major countries of citizenship in ascending order
S/N Country Number of Nominees Percentage of Total Nominees
1.        Vietnam 66 1.3%
2.        Ukraine 80 1.5%
3.        Algeria 84 1.6%
4.        Pakistan 130 2.5%
5.        South Korea 190 3.6%
6.        Brazil 191 3.7%
7.        Nigeria 306 5.9%
8.        Philippines 617 11.8%
9.        China 825 15.8%
10.    India 1,780 34.2%

Nominations by Occupation

In the aspect of occupation, the occupational sector with the most significant number of nominees was the sales and service sector. It produced 1,885 nominees with skilled work experience. This sector was lately followed by the business, finance and administration sector which produced 728 nominees experienced in that field. 1,847 applicants who showed proof of work experience in occupations listed under Skill Level B in the National Occupational Classification of Canada were nominated last year. Also, 1,659 of the applicants whose work experience was gotten in jobs listed under the Skill Level C of Canada’s National Occupational Classification were nominated. Nominations by Skill Type
1. Management Occupations 402
2. Business, Finance and Administration jobs 728
3. Natural and Applied Sciences/ Related jobs 499
4. Health Occupations 87
5. Jobs in law and social, education, community and government services 225
6. Sales and Service jobs 1,885
7. Jobs in culture, art, recreation and sports 49
8. Natural resources occupations 90
9. Trades, transport and equipment operators 599
10. Manufacturing and utility jobs 555

Offer of Employment, Manitoba graduates

The MPNP said that the number of skilled worker candidates who had offers of employment in the province was 4,101, thus making up 79% of the total number of skilled worker applicants (5,119) that were nominated in 2018. Also, the number of nominees who had graduated from a post-secondary school in Manitoba was 1,923. The new International Education Stream introduced by the MPNP targets international graduates and is designed to create faster pathways to help them obtain Permanent Residence in Canada. These graduates are however expected to be knowledgeable in skills demanded by employers in Manitoba. There are three subpathways under the International Education Stream. They include:
  • Career Employment Pathway
  • Student Entrepreneurship Pathway
  • Graduate Internship Pathway
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