Major changes by Canada on Immigration Policies and growth

The Canadian government, in January 2015, initiated the ‘Express Entry’ system with an aim to accelerate the immigration procedures and improve immigration. Through this new process, candidates who are eligible are ranked under the Comprehensive Ranking System or CRS.

According to the most recent update, the government of Canada plans vital improvements in the CRS for the year 2017.

The revamped immigration policies would be further encouraging for eligible and aspiring immigrants alike, and will substantially decrease the visa processing time.

Aspiring immigrants, temporary residents, and the Canadian experienced class with relatives or next of kin in Canada, are the categories wherein changes are anticipated.

By the year 2020, the yearly immigration is expected to rise up to 425,000!

The threshold or cut-off cap in the Comprehensive Ranking System has reduced over the last two Express Entry draws. There was twice the growth in the volume of candidates who received the ITA's or Invitations to Apply, which is a very promising sign.

The CRS cut off is forecasted to be further lowered by the Canadian government, in order to attain its new target. This is indeed welcome news for all those who are awaiting an ITA.

On a different note, the government of Quebec is readying itself to welcome around 51,000 new immigrants next year (2017). This comes as a huge relief for people who’re aspiring to immigrate to Quebec.

The current economic immigration, of which 59% is new immigration, would be increasing to 63%.

The chief projects in this category comprise of the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP), the Quebec Investor Program and the Quebec Economic Class (PEQ).

The New Year will see these changes coming into effect and assures the creation of a new job bank, where immigrants would be able to match work that’s available, with their skills, even before they land in the country.

The ‘family reunification program’ by the Canadian federal government would attract around 11,500 new immigrants to Quebec from 2017.

Despite how easy Canadian immigration strategies might become, for a visa applicant…things will still seem complicated!

An applicant must ensure that the visa application is complete and is presented in a manner that gives him/her high chances of approval.

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