Latest Update about International Experience Canada program

Canada has again opened its program of International Experience Canada to international applicants who want to live and work in Canada. You are able to apply now for the program, which chooses eligible candidates for job openings throughout the nation. But, when you apply, credits are explicitly based on many factors that comprise age, language ability, education, expectations, along with other criteria. Before we move on to what you require to know prior to applying for the 3 application categories in 2020, here's a brief glimpse at how you are able to apply for openings.

Candidates who qualify to be chosen will come from 36 eligible nations. However, there are other necessary criteria that you must meet to get selected. The minimum required age in the countries pool is in between 18-30 years, it is the first and foremost condition. Later you become an intern or employee; you will get either an open work permit or employer work permit that delivers your employment terms. The work permit is granted based on 3 major categories.

Young Professional Category

The application for a vacancy in this specific category only counts if your principal purpose is to grow professionally. After the selection, you will receive an employer-specific work permit that declares you are agreeing to work for a specific one employer and have no profession swaps. Also, deliver that your profession comes to the National Occupational Classification (NOC) to assist with your professional growth. Your organization will follow the guidelines of the employment and laws of the region mentioned on the work permit.

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