India Received Most Express Entry Invitations

The Canadian Express Entry system is one of the most popular immigration programs across the globe. The government of Canada recently released a list of top countries that have become Canadian permanent residents in 2017 according to the number of Express Entry invitations received by a particular nation. Well, you are right, it is India, who has topped the list, followed by our Asian friend, China. India and China were the top two countries in 2016 as well. According to the report, around 36,310 Express Entry invitations of 42 percent of the total were received by Indians. Chinese nationals received 7,466 invitations or nine percent of the total. Other countries in the top 10 list are Nigeria received 5,130 invitations, Pakistan received 3,339 invitations, the United Kingdom citizens received 2,652 invitations, citizens of the United States received 2,030 invitations, Brazil citizens received 1,672 invitations, Iran citizens received 1,382 invitations, the Republic Of Ireland was awarded 1,264 invitations, and the remaining countries received 23,503 Express Entry invitations. In total, 86,022 Express Entry invitations were sent to people all across the globe. Two nations that dropped from 2016’s Express Entry top 10 countries sources were the Philippines and France, making space for Brazil and Iran in the 2017 list. Rise in the immigrant population in Canada’s prairie region The Canadian released the data as a part of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada’s annual review. Top three occupations of those who received Express Entry invitations were systems analysts and consultants, software engineers, and programmers, all of which belong to the information technology sector. Other than that, the report also revealed which provinces received the most Express Entry candidates. Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta received the most number, just like the last year. Manitoba and Saskatchewan saw considerable growth in highly skilled immigration. They make up Canada’s prairie region.

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