This week a complete report has been published about immigration by Nova Scotia government. The report shows that 2015 was a very productive year for the province. And this year’s number are also a positive sign for the region.

In the year 2015, approx. 3,400 immigrants settled and got the PR status in Nova Scotia. It has been the highest level of immigrants settling in the past ten years. It is exciting that this figure has been surpassed in just first half of 2016 according to officials.

By the end of June, more than 3,500 have come to settled in Nova Scotia. Among these immigrants, more than 100 families came from Syria seeking refuge. More people are seeking refuge because of the Syrian crisis, and government of Nova Scotia has been very kind to these refugees.

Nova Scotia has been active with its NSNP program which is one of Canada’s Provincial program. This program allows provincial governments to set criteria for newcomers with the authority to select them as per requirements.

Nova Scotia was the very first province to help launch PNP streaming for new arrivals, Express Entry which is a federal initiative work along with this program to help fast processing for the selection system. They have been focused on helping people with the help of federal government.

Nova Scotia’s minister, Lena Diab, said that “welcoming and positive attitude towards individuals and families is the main reason to attract and be a part of this province.”

Minister emphasized that they are welcoming individual and families like never before. The response and support have been very encouraging. People are also very excited about it, and they are supporting newcomers with love and respect. Diab is very optimistic about the future because people who previously came are satisfied, the important thing is the local community is also very supportive and happy about it.

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