Immigration Can Take Population of Canada to 55 Million By 2068 - A Study

Immigration Can Take Population of Canada to 55 Million By 2068 - A Study

The forecast of population in Canada is promising and is sure to touch a new height based on the report of Statistics Canada. It could reach 55 million by 2068.

The agency created as many as nine scenarios, which are reasonable on a long-term basis to project a vision for the near future. The scenarios deal with low and high-growth and also various implications under the medium growth. There are scenarios dealing with inter provincial migration, and the fast/slow aging scenario. All these scenarios, testify that immigration is a major factor in driving growth of population for the subsequent 50 years.

Comparison of Provinces

Statistics Canada also reports that the in general population in Ontario and Alberta will increase, while it may decrease in other places in 25 years. The population in Ontario is rising at a uniform pace estimated to reach 20.4 million by 2043. The Alberta population growth can be 7.3 million by 2043.

Population in Alberta will surpass British Columbia. Jointly, Ontario and Alberta will a share of above 50% in Canada by 2043.

There may be an increase in the population of Manitoba and Saskatchewan in the subsequent 25 years. Scenarios also show that population in Quebec is growing at a slow rate compared to other provinces. Its shares of 22.6% population in 2018 will go down to 20.1% in 2043.

All these factors go on to prove that there is a major need of immigrants to manage the overall progress and growth of the nation.

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