H-1B Visa: U.S. Employers say Canada’s Immigration Policies Better

According to a recent report, about two-thirds of employers in the US prefer immigration policies in Canada to the US, saying that it is more favorable. Also, tech jobs have grown in a single city in Canada than three cities in the US combined. A firm which sells immigration services to companies, Envoy said in its 2019 Immigration Trends report that one of the major reasons why tech companies love the country is because the Immigration policies are friendly. According to the report, 38% of the 405 HR professions and hiring managers who took part in the survey conducted by Envoy last year said that expanding to Canada is one of their companies’ aims. Also, it was reported that about one-fifth of the companies have one or more existing office(s) The report also stated that in 2017, more tech jobs were added in Toronto than Washington DC, Bay Area and Seattle combined, and also that Ottawa, the country’s capital has above 1,700 tech companies.

US Immigration Policies Compared

These findings by Envoy came forth during an intense national debate over Immigration with much emphasis on the H-1B visas. The report highlights the intense rigidity of the H-1B petitions by the US Federal authorities who are carrying out the President’s executive order – “Buy American, Hire American” Pavan Dillon, an Immigration lawyer in San Francisco, who mostly helps individuals to get residency and work permits in Canada pointed out in her tweet that one of the reasons why Canadian dream has taken over the American dream is the attacks on legal immigration and backlogs of green cards. As reported by Quartz, some of the appreciable benefits when one migrates to Canada rather than the US are;
  • A predictable visa allocation instead of the lottery system in the US
  • Fees at cheaper rates
  • Educational opportunities and lesser fees for foreign students
  • Employment of staff of visa holders
  • Becoming a Canadian citizen in 3 years or getting permanent residency in 2 years.
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