Foreign Workers can Visit Canada Temporarily for Work amid COVID- 19

Posted on: 18 May 2021  |   Tags: ,

Canada has exempted professionals from other countries to work in Canada setting an example against COVID-19. However, the stay is temporary only.

Thinking about travelling to Canada; you have all the permissions in the world. Travel bans owing to the current pandemic challenge in Canada do not prevent families or relatives of the citizens or permanent residents of Canada, foreign students and temporary foreign professionals from going there.

The rationale behind your visa application to Canada must serve a reasonable purpose though. There are high possibilities for Visa Approval by Canadian Customs Officer, provided it is for work or other valid reasons.

Canadian authorities deserve praise for permitting foreign workers to travel to Canada; however, for a certain period. They are extremely thoughtful to do so.

The prerequisites for the same are a letter of introduction and a valid immigration medical exam. One is also under an obligation to complete the 14-day quarantine period mandatorily. Besides, the job offer letter serves as a foundation for one's entry into Canada too.

It is exceptionally lucrative for the current employees to migrate to the branch offices of their respective employers based in Canada for a short term and carry out their work related operations.

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