Federal Govt Need to Support More for Toronto Refugee Crisis

Posted on: 31 May 2018  |   Tags: ,

  Toronto is going through a significant refugee crisis, and the federal government has done very little about it. John Tory, mayor of Toronto, is frustrated about the little response from Ottawa despite many private and public appeals for urging the federal government to provide funding so that they are able to handle the influx. In an interview on May 24, Tory said that his office is in constant contact with Ottawa, but they haven’t given any indication of help. He thinks that it isn’t fair. The crisis that started in 2017 - 18 is supposed to cost at least CAD 64.5 million. Tory said that the crisis is way over their heads because they had to turn college dorms into the temporary residence, which will accommodate around 800 people. Apart from that, the local government has also set up tents, so that the asylum seekers have someplace to sleep before they find employment and vacate for others. Canada has received 26,000 asylum seekers from the United States, most of whom are distributed between Quebec (with the maximum), Manitoba, and Ontario. According to reports, there were around 2,683 asylum seekers in Toronto by mid-May, which is 40.8 percent of the estimated asylum seekers to enter Toronto. Local government has predicted that 4,485 asylum seekers in total will enter Toronto by November.

Public announcement

Tory’s office mentioned publicly announced that they have requested Ottawa and Queen’s Park to help because things are going out of matter. He completely supports the federal government’s value of welcoming asylum seekers, but he won’t be able to do without the correct funding. Only the local government and municipality shouldn't be responsible for it as it needs to be a joint approach supported by the federal government. He acknowledged Ontario government’s offer of 800 college dormitory rooms and also pay CAD three million in support.

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