Fast Track Visa Scheme in Canada in This Year

Posted on: 11 Mar 2017  |   Tags: Canada , Immigration , Skilled work visas , Visa , work visa ,

The country of Canada is set to kick-off a quick paced project with the aim of attracting top-notch talents into the country.

The project is scheduled to begin June 21st. This piece of information was made available by the Government of Canada in the wake of the improving talent pool outside the shores of the country, especially those located in Silicon Valley in the United States, getting agitated about the detrimental policies put in place concerning foreigners by the present administration.

According to the scheme, the permits of skilled employees will be clarified and processed within the two weeks following their application submission to the department of immigration. Initially, talented employees had to tarry for around 6 – 12 months after application to obtain a permit.

This project was embraced openly by the technology industry in Canada, which has had difficulties in getting the best minds in the industry into their sector as they had traditionally opted for New York or California.

A top ranking official in Canada’s technology industry said it was about time that the global immigration sector adopts the Canada style of immigration as it will look after each division requirement in the country, while also helping and building up the technology companies in the country as well.

Also, with the acquisition of top-notch talent into Canada’s immigrant’s employee scheme, hiring companies will be equipped to make use of the process of application to recruit talented workers for a position where there is already a significant lack of the workforce. The project will help keep on record hiring companies’ determination to provide jobs, equip employees and impact them with the training and information for brand new investment opportunities to enter the country.

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