More than 300,000 international students enrolled in Canadian colleges and universities in 2017. It is Not only adorable but also has easy rules for students to become permanent residents. Cost of studying as an international student in Canada is around 40 percent lower than the United States, making it one of the most affordable study destinations in the world after European Union countries, where education is almost free. Let’s cut down on the cost of studying in Canada: 1. College and visa application fees Colleges charge from $50 CAD to $100 CAD as application fees, while some don’t charge anything. On an average, international students apply for roughly five colleges. Student visa application costs $150 CAD and medical test cost goes up to another $100 CAD, which is mandatory. You also need to provide your biometric information such as fingerprints, which costs $85 CAD. 2. Housing costs You can opt for hostel but it costs at least $800 CAD a month, which is very expensive. Most Indian students stay in groups in rented apartments which brings the housing costs to around $300 to $500 CAD monthly. It will be even lower in provinces like Quebec, Nova Scotia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. 3. Food You can adjust your food in just $50 CAD if you are on a strict budget and want to eat only home-cooked food. If you eat out usually, the cost can go up to $150 CAD. Keep a monthly food budget, so that you don’t spend too much and get broke or spend too little and starve yourself. 4. Transportation  Some colleges offer free transportation in form of bus passes to international students, while some offer discounted rates. If not, transportation in Canada costs around $50 if you stay far away from college. If you stay near the college and can simply walk to college, it will help you to save more money.

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