Things are going to change for Canadian citizens, and permanent residents after Canadian government passes Cannabis Act in September 2018 that legalizes the use of cannabis in amounts no more than 30 g. It allows the medical and non-medical use of cannabis and Canadians to grow the drug at home and also sell it. Once the act is enforced, carrying cannabis in a small amount or using it won’t be considered a criminal offense. The act is aimed at preventing profit going to gangs and criminal organizations. It also means the law will change when Canadians who are traveling to the United States decide to carry small amounts of cannabis with them. Marijuana is still illegal in the neighboring country even though some US states have legalized it, at the federal level it is considered still a criminal offense. So Canadians will now have to secure waivers of excludability in advance to not be allowed to enter the US or imprisoned on entry. This means that if the US Customs and Border Protection catches you with cannabis or high on the drug, you won’t be allowed to enter the United States without any further clarification or justification. If Canadians want to get the waiver of excludability for carrying cannabis, Canadians need to apply six to 12 months in advance, and it is a bit impractical. Since a very few people only plan to travel so many months in advance. The US might also ban you from entering every time, so be careful about the waiver requirements. Legal consultation It is best for Canadians to consult a legal advisor over taking cannabis to the United States, especially if you are planning to move to the country permanently for personal or business reasons. Canadians can grow four cannabis plants per residence. Those who will be caught until September 2018 for possessing cannabis will be convicted.

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