Canada’s Calls to 377 Workers and Graduates in March

Posted on: 12 Mar 2017  |   Tags: Canada , Canada News , Immigration , Visa ,

Canada has shortlisted a grand sum of around 377 people for migration to British Columbia via the state nominee scheme in a move that occurred on the 8th of March.

That would be the third time such a move would take place in past one month after a whole lot of people had been called upon to submit applications on the 17th of February and the 23rd of February. All the calls for application dated for the 8th of March were passed across a large number of British Columbia PNP sub-sections overseen by the immigration talent registration system which is a one of a kind scheme employed to position and choose eligible individuals under the subsections of the British Columbia PNP.

A lot of people granted the call for application is well primed to tender their British Columbia state selection application via one of the highly improved British Columbia sub-sections that are coordinated with the country’s direct entry choosing a scheme.

The request and petition of the remaining eligible individuals would be handled by the federal government outside the scope of the Direct entry scheme.

Keep in mind that the call for the application given by the British Columbia province is entirely different than the call for the application provided at the by the federal government at the Direct entry stage.

Much like previous draws, a lot of the calls for the application given out on the 8th of March were handed out to foreign graduates who had finished their education in the country of Canada. Foreign students and employees doing their masters programs in Canada can take part in the CanadaVisa education scheme to gain entrée to some equipment and tools to help them in their studies, work and in their bid to fit into the Canadian society permanently.

This batch of the British Columbia PNP is oriented with the Direct entry scheme, and applications submitted under this batch could be given higher precedence at the state and federal levels. Also, persons in this batch must be qualified for any one of the three economic schemes created by the government.

They are Canadian Expert Group, Federal Expert employee group, and the Federal expert trade group.

That is to enable them to become eligible to enter the Direct entry pool. Persons in the Direct entry pool with state selection certificate from British Columbia get awarded around 600 points under the encompassing ranking scheme. That means the person will get in his/her call to the application a Direct entry draw.

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