From November 2015 to December 2017, Canada has welcomed and settled more than 75,000 Syrian refugees in the country and completely changed their lives. The waiting period is finally over for another Syrian family stuck in the civil war in Syria. They had to wait for five years and are excited about a new beginning in eastern Ontario. The family has five members - parents, 15-year old son, and two six-year-old twin girls. The family will be settling in Winchester, where the kids will go to school and will be arriving in a couple of weeks. They arrived as a part of Canada’s Dundas Coalition for Refugee Support that aims at bringing a large number of Syrian refugees and settling them in Canada. Moira Law, the chairperson of the agency, said that it took so long, they thought the process won’t come through. Law said that it is exciting because you wait for long for it and forget about this because it takes so long. And then all of sudden you get the call that your petition has been approved.

Moving countries for safety

Law chose to keep the family’s details confidential but did tell about how they moved out from Syria and will be settling in North Dundas. The family is from a very rural area near Damascus and waited for the war to die down so that they could move. However, a bomb blast couple blocks from their house forced them to hire a cab and go to Lebanon, where they lived with members of the family before heading to Egypt. The father is a trained irrigation engineer but works as a truck driver, and the mother is a teacher in a preschool. Law heard about the family and sponsored them through the Dundas Coalition for Refugee Support, and that’s where their struggle ended, and they waited patiently for coming to Canada. It definitely took plenty of time, but at least the struggle was over.

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