Canada Vows to Crack Down on Fraudulent Immigration Consultants

The Minister for Immigration in Canada has promised to introduce stricter legislation that will help in apprehending fraudulent immigration consultants. This legislation will empower the overseeing industry watchdog to carry out investigations on these fraudsters and punish them accordingly. The Minister, Ahmed Hussen did not reveal details but said the introduction of these changes is by the corner. He maintained that newcomers in Canada must be protected and that the time is right to act. Hussen's statements and vows came after the Globe and Mail conducted an investigation, exposing the activities of many immigration consultants and international recruiters — who sometimes take up both positions — had fingers pointing at them for exploiting up to 2,600 students and foreign workers.

Recent Investigations About Fraudulent Immigration Consultants

The investigation revealed how these recruits were defrauded with false promises of decent jobs and spots in career colleges after paying tens of thousands of dollars to these agents. Some of these recruits were given false promises of getting long-lasting work permits that could lead to obtaining a residence permit in Canada. But they found themselves in low-paying and time-exploiting short-term jobs. Some others were without jobs while the students found themselves in useless career colleges programs. With all these disappointments, they still had the threat of deportation hanging over their heads. At the moment, most of these recruits who are underpaid are at the mercy of their bosses and recruiters because their work permits restrict them to one employer and consequently, they can't apply for another job. A lot of advocates who are representing these recruits have recommended to the government to take further steps than Hussen was proposing to subject these recruits — licensed consultant or not — to the supervision of the federal government. This way, no employer will be able to hire and bring in a foreign worker without working with an agent who is registered with the government and has a supporting license. They are also recommending that the government imposes heavier punishments than just fines on anybody found guilty of unlicensed recruitment and related offenses. Stay connected to VisaNews to know more updated visa news from Australia, Canada, Europe, the UK, and the USA! Please fill our Evaluation form to know whether you are eligible or not and we will also suggest you for the better options available for you.

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