Richard Kurland, a well-known lawyer from Canada, says that children of immigrants from Asia, mainly from India and China are the most highly qualified. The lawyer made this statement in his online report in “The Educational and Labor Market Outcomes of the Children of Immigrants: A Success to be preserved”.Canada Leads in Economic and Educational Outcomes for Immigrant Children. In his report, he has said that children of Black immigrants fare the worst while those of Chinese immigrants fare the best. Children of Indian immigrants rank second best. His research wanted to prove that all type of immigrants has a chance to succeed in their careers and businesses and it isn’t only about white immigrants. He has also written in the report that Canada has the best educational institutes in the western world for immigrant children. He didn’t compare the education system with that of the US or Europe since it is very different. But he compared how immigrants succeed in educational outcomes in Canada as compared to the US or Europe. The outcome of immigrants from the Caribbean and Latin America is low in educational. They have almost similar educational outcomes like children born to native Canadians at 23 to 28 percent. Reasons for higher educational outcomes Richard Kurland feels that these children have role models in their ethnic groups to look up to. They’ve also seen their parents struggle to make meets end in a foreign country. By keeping these two factors in their mind, the children are motivated to achieve better. These children go to universities despite their economic status. One of the most significant achievements by ethnic group immigrants is that the second generation immigrants earn almost as much as native Canadian children do. With Canada taking the first step in motivating immigrants to study and work in the country, we will only continue to see the number of highly-skilled immigrants settling in Canada.

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