Canada: ETA leniency period for exempt visa extended

The electronic travel authorization leniency period for exempt visa visitor has been extended to Nov 9. The eTA system was about too permanent for people who visit Canada from some particular countries but due to certain reasons it has been delayed. It has been delayed to give visitors and a few airlines more time to change while transit through Canada.

"In an appointment with airline associates, we're taking further steps to reduce any travel disruptions," said John McCallum, Canada's Minister of Immigration, Citizenship, and refugees. "We have been extending the leniency period and doing another major information blitz in Canada and abroad to encourage afflicted travelers, including Canadian dual citizens, to plan ahead and get the required travel documents before they book a flight to Canada."

The electronic travel authorization is a screening test for visitors coming to CANADA by air. Its objective is to make air travel safer and effective for international travelers. Those travelers who don’t need a TRV that is temporary resident Visa to entering Canada. It is important from the security point of view, people having a criminal record or giving any threat are stopped through this screening test.

People of visa-exempt countries The existing pre-clearance process -- whereby visa-exempt travelers to Canada may get on an aircraft lacking any eTA and become screened after getting in Canada -- will now continue to be until November 9, 2016, when the leniency period will end. As of 10 November, visa-exempt people coming to Canada will need to have completed the extra eTA form. They should get approved before boarding a Canada-bound plane. To acquire an eTA, individuals complete an online given form, where they offer some personal answer and information a few fundamental questions associated with criminality and background, as well as questions about their immigration background. Most applications are processed within no time. Some applications usually take much longer to process, in which particular case individuals may be prepared to acquire a contact from IRCC within 72 time outlining further instructions.

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