Why Is Canada Embracing Immigrants?

During the  wave of an anti-immigrant stand permeating all the top immigrant destinations of the world. The massive campaign on anti-migration convinced 52 percent Britons to vote for the Britain’s exit from the European Union. And Trump’s  stand of  building a great wall to the Southern Border to contain immigrants gained much attention of the millions. The million dollar question is why is Canada still welcoming immigrants.

How  is Canada Different?

Canada  has opened up its arms to welcome immigrants from almost all corners of the world. It has a diverse population where over 200  languages being spoken and the  annual immigration plan of Canada for 2016 has scheduled to welcome 3, 00 000 immigrants.

Canadians are happy about the annual plan and  are ready to accept people who enter Canada through legal routes.

The inclusive immigration policy of the Federal Government allows immigrants based on the labor market needs of Canada.

Canada doesn’t look for the economic value added by immigrants;  one such instance was when  the incumbent Prime Minister Justin Trudeau apologized in the Parliament to the Sikh Immigrants who were discriminated a century ago by the then rulers.

The Liberal Government formed in Canada in November 2015 relaxed many immigration policies to help immigrants comfortably settle in Canada, which reflects the good will nature of Canadians.

Immigrants not only strength the economy but also infuse the necessary socio, cultural skills to the maple country.

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