British Columbia invites new talent through BCPNP Program

Canada is a land of opportunity, and the future belongs to this country because of the generosity of the people of this country. Latest update from immigration department is that British Columbia, a province of Canada is inviting people from around the world under a wide range of fields to apply through BCPNP for Canada.

The British Columbia, a province of Canada has given an invitation to 447 candidates. The candidates who are invited now can apply for immigration through BCPNP program. As with any program for immigration in Canada, these candidates are selected through a draw which is conducted for a pool of applicants. New fresh talent is what they are looking for; that’s why they have picked foreign graduates among these candidates. Other are skilled or semi-skilled workers.

The process involves simple yet crucial steps. First, you have to register as a candidate to BCPNP through SIRS system which is recently implemented. It is a system that intakes candidates for the provincial nomination. It is a point based system so applicants should provide accurate information to get higher points. There are some categories which collaborate with Express Entry immigrant system. And there are some who do not work with express entry at all.

BCPNP program is a great initiative to get talent from other countries. The program has many categories, skilled, semi-skilled, business, students, etc. Minimum score required is different for each category. A brief table is shown below to give you an idea how to get points:

Category:                 Minimum Score       Number of Invitation     Aligned with Express Entry?

BC – Skilled Worker             95                       106                                      Yes

International Graduate         90                       129                                      Yes

Skilled Worker                      95                       72                                        No

International Graduate        100                       143                                      No

Semi-Skilled                        80                         27                                       No

If you are planning and want to settle in British Columbia province here in Canada. Then this will give you an idea about the whole process.

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