A Report Appreciates Canadian Policy of Attracting Top Global Talents

A Report Appreciates Canadian Policy of Attracting Top Global Talents

The Graduate Management Admissions Council has appreciated Canadian policy in attracting top global talents as well as the launch of the Global Talent Stream that is highly effective.

Focus on Global Skills Strategy

Furthermore, it indicates that the innovative policy of Global Skills Strategy will help Canada to get many economic benefits in the future also. This report commended successful efforts by the country to attract global students as well as retain them after they complete the graduation. The report made a comparative study regarding the flow of international talents in USA, Canada, UK, China and India.

The paper points out that the best way to meet the demographic challenges faced by Canada, in meeting the talents demand for growth of economy was through immigration. Today immigrants are 20 percent of the Canadian population, but they hold 50% of degrees in important subjects like Science, Engineering, Technology, and Mathematics.

Global Skills Strategy

This Strategy adopted by Canada plays a major role in attracting professional workers that have specialization in the STEM areas. The Global Talent Stream was launched in 2016. Under it, the processing of issuing work permits for the occupations having the most demand in Canada is over in two weeks. It allows work permit short-term exemptions. The Stream was responsible to effectively bring down the processing time to 10 days from one year earlier.

Canada has brought down the processing time successfully and is dealing with the work permit applications efficiently but US, has presently increased the time to issue the H-1B visa. Many of the skilled workers, aiming for the USA are presently interested in moving to Canada.

Canada is successful to attract students globally

Moreover, Canada is successful to attract global students, as per the report. There is reduction in the number of global students applying to the US and more students are exploring the unlimited opportunities in Canada. Canada witnessed an increase of 8.6 percent among the international applications for business school during 2019. In 2018, this percentage was 16.4. This   is indeed a positive signal for the future and leads to mobility trends.

Also as per the report there is a highlight on the pathway provided for global students to obtain Canadian degrees, and pursue work in Canada after completing graduation. Eventually it leads to gaining the permanent residence.

Currently there are 572000 Study Permit holders in Canada.


A survey of 2018 reveals that 60 percent among the international students arriving in Canada have a plan to become PR in Canada. The efforts are fruitful, and attract talent for the economy in the long run.

Canada welcomes immigrants in a big way and its processes are easier and faster. All the aspirants interested to migrate to Canada, can think of starting their process today.

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