McCallum – Albertans to accept More Immigrants

While speaking at a press conference in Calgary, Canada’s  Immigration Minister John McCallum said that despite the economic slowdown and job losses in Alberta, most of Albertans are ready to accept more immigrants.

The Minister was in Calgary, as part of a nation-wide consultation program  on the immigration system. The campaign comprises questions on how many immigrants should be allowed into Canada during the year 2017.

McCallum, said, “There’s a strong consensus that they’re in favor of more immigrants, not less immigrants, notwithstanding the state of the economy.” “I think people tend to take a longer term point of view and there remain labor shortages in some sectors and they want to be in good shape for when the recovery begins.”

 After the roundtable discussion the minister said that Canada is an aging country. The birth rate is very low as the nationals are not planning for enough babies and hence the work force requirements depend completely on the entrance of immigrants.”

The minister stressed on the need to bring more immigration to rural Alberta, where employers are looking for semi skilled workers in the fields of agriculture, meat packing, hospitality etc.

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