Many Residents of B.C. Support Canadian Immigration

Lately, the two significant gists arising in the Immigration sector of Canada are on a family reunion and refugee claimants. It is rather unfortunate that on various social media handles, the topics are sometimes being discussed irrationally. The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau has discouraged people from spreading information that will create fear and intolerance about Immigration in Canada. Citizens of Canada react differently to the presence of Immigrants in the country, and these differences are influenced by factors like the region of residence and the current stage of life. In a Survey conducted by Research Co. on the opinions of citizens of Canada on immigration, it was shockingly discovered that 46% of the residents of Canada think immigration has a positive effect on the country, while another 36% thinks its impact on the country is negative. In most of the demographic areas surveyed, a higher number of the residents that were met felt optimistic about immigration to the country. The most interested members of the population in the present state of affairs in the country are those within the age range of 18 to 34 years. In this category, 27% of them said Immigration had negative impacts on the country while 55% of them thought otherwise. Another group which was actively concerned and involved were those from the Province of Quebec. 30% of them said it had adverse effects on the country, while 52% of them said it was for the good of the country. Meanwhile, two other categories of the members of the Canadian society are more likely to be pessimistic about Immigration to Canada. The first category covers citizens within the ages of 35 to 54 years. Here, 39% of the individuals responded negatively about immigration and another 39% gave positive responses. The second most pessimistic group was the residents of Alberta. 42% of the residents said immigration left negative footprints on the country, while 41% of them said it had positive effects on the country. Furthermore, the survey shows that of every five citizens of Canada, only one of them (20%) believes that Canada should increase its rate of Immigrant intake, while 36% of the citizens said that it would be better for the country to bring down its immigrant intake. Provinces that are most likely to appeal for a reduction in the number of Immigrants taken into the country are Alberta (36%), Quebec (38%) and Ontario (39%). Again, 40% of the citizens of Canada within the age range of 35 to 54 are anxiously requesting for a decline in the immigrant intake, while a staggeringly low 15% of them agree to the need for more legal Immigrants in Canada.

Values and Virtues of Canadian Immigrants

Most citizens of Canada, especially those up to the age of 55 and above, have come to attest to the fact that the talents and positive values displayed by immigrants in Canada have led to the betterment of the country. 69% of the older residents support this motion, and that is a good sign for Canada as they have a clearer view than the younger ones. There is another group of people (50% of the citizens of Canada) who think that immigrants should agree to adopt the values of the country to be admitted into Canada legally. Of all the people in support of this motion, 57% of them are male, and 62 % of them are over 55 years and above. Questioning the contribution of the values and virtues of immigrants to the growth of the country, the reactions of different groups of people in the country can be attributed to their collective exposure to immigration at large. Canadians within the ages of 18 to 34 are mostly indecisive about the question arising, probably because many of them haven't really been exposed to the contributions made by immigrants towards the development of the nation. Most baby boomers are well aware of the contributions made by immigrants to the country, yet are in of the opinion that a value test must be done. The class of immigrant that is obviously uncomfortable are those within the ages of 35 and 54. In this category, 46% agree that the values promoted by immigrants support the growth of Canada, while 45% disagree entirely with this. This class holds the highest chance of scrutinizing the effects that immigrants have on the country and seeking a decrease in the rate of legal immigration.

Reactions from the Province of British Columbia

Exactly ten years ago during the peak of the world's economic crisis, the Province of B.C. was massively opening its borders to immigrants and was more aware of the importance of immigrants to society than many other provinces in the country. Today, British Columbia tells a different story as the percentage of those who are not in support of the fact that the virtues and values of the immigrants have helped the nation, rises to 46%. The Province of Alberta also had 34% of its citizens in this same category. One reason why a Province like B.C. would experience such a tremendous shift in its view on Immigration is the pressure caused by housing and foreign ownership. Stay connected to Visa News to know more updated visa news from Australia, Canada, Europe, the UK, and the USA! Please fill our Evaluation form to know whether you are eligible or not and we will also suggest you for the better options available for you.

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