People all around the world are well aware of the refugee crisis. Immigration from underdeveloped part of the world to a safer part of the world to have a better life is critical for the refugee these days. Canada is a very generous and welcoming country when it comes to immigration. Because of these reasons, the number of applications for express entry to Canada has increased once again.

There is a high increase in some applications issued in the latest draw for express entry. It took place recently, and there is room for about 450 applicants, but the count increased to 1288. Now successful candidates can apply for PR in CANADA. They can accompany the family members including dependent children’s through proper channel.

The draws are conducted every two weeks on average and from a pool of eligible applicants it is taken out. It is said that it will increase with in upcoming years.

Well, what is Express Entry? The question comes to the mind.

Express Entry is a federal immigration program that invites skilled workers, trades, to experience more of Canadian benefits. A candidate who is eligible submits their profile to the Express Entry pool. In the pool, they are ranked through a system called CRS. The government then select the top candidates after every successive draw. Successful candidates are given 60 days to submit their application for permanent residence. Then government takes six months to process the application.

The minimum requirement for getting selected from the pool is 450 CRS points. It is crucial to gain these points by completing all the requirements. Express Entry has many benefits for immigrants if you are planning to settle in Canada, this is your go-to the option because it offers more flexibility and more control to both government and immigrants.

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