Canada has a Great Requirement and Demand for Professional Caregivers

Canada has a Great Requirement and Demand for Professional Caregivers

In 2016 Canada officially reported regarding the presence of more seniors in comparison to the children in the country. The share of the Canadians with an age of 65 years and was 20% since 2011, which resulted in a Canadian median age at 41.2 years. Many Canadians are entering the retirement age, and there is a huge growth in the demand for caregivers.

Canada Immigration and Aging Population

In 2019, people of Canada reported that they were directly involved or were expecting to be involved in care giving for the family members. 25% Canadians above the age of 30 years stated that say they were providing care for someone else, and some of them were planning to provide care in the near future. The age of majority of caregivers is between 40 and 50 years. 50% members of this age group are the parents with children below the age of 15 years, responsible for much care giving.

Many Canadians also report that in case of needing care; they prefer to stay indoors with a visiting nurse or a live-in nurse. These factors create a huge demand for operational caregivers and it is anticipated to grow in a big way in the future. The government also recognizes this need and there are many immigration programs for helping the caregivers to find a good work in the country. It is also offering a path to get permanent residency to them.

Options for Caregivers

The government in Canada has announced a plan to offer Immigration Pilot Programs to benefit International Caregivers, in June 2019. These two pilots permit applicants to do duties in Canada by getting the work permit, and also offer a path to apply for PR status to them, as well as their family, when they complete two year work experience.

Canada Immigration and Pilots

The Home Support Worker Pilot and the Home Child Care Provider Pilot opened for accepting totally 2,750 applicants in a year. These pilots also allow global caregivers to change their employers, and family members can accompany them. The immediate family of caregivers is eligible to apply for an open work permit or a study permit, so that they can gain work or study experience in the country and move further in life.

Canada Jobs and the Requirements

Eligible candidates for these pilots must possess a local job offer at the time they submit their permit application. Today, the national age is trending upward and fertility rate is very low. As a result there is an expectation that the demand for caregivers will grow in a big way in the future. More workers are presently leaving the workforce in comparison to those who enter and hence there is a great demand for qualified and skilled workers across in various industries of Canada.

The government has responded well to this need and has a plan to welcome one million newcomers in the future three years.

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