Canada and Immigration: How Do You Get Your Visa?


As per the program started in 2014, application for multiple-entry visa has opened the gate of Canada to people over 3 million, who were facing restriction with travelling here. Half of the 10-year multiple entry visas are handed out to Mainland China. The immigration rate is high in the province of B.C than any other portion in Canada. So, the prime minister has opened 7 visa offices there, to provide the immigrants ease and comfort.


As per immigration specialists this amendment will affect the economic stability of Canada. According to them, by using the loopholes in Canadian income tax policies, immigrants will earn money while staying in Canada but make those global earnings tax exempt. This can be bad for Canadian government. Whereas the Canadian government can earn significant money by promoting the tourism and welcome tourists to stay there.

Following this 10-year multiple entry visa, which allows up to six months stay on every visit, will increase the number of visitors to Canada. Wealthy Mainland Chinese people opt for Vancouver, to invest money in real estate and hotels from which they can earn global profits sitting in their homeland. On the other hand, many of the tourist among the far-flung relatives of Canada’s permanent resident can unite with their families for a longer time without the hassle of getting a permanent citizenship.

However, each foreign national need to provide authentic documents in support of the declaration, that they have a more stronger connection with Canada that with their mother land.