4 Tips for Selecting Accommodation While Studying in Abroad

Finding the right accommodation when you go to study abroad is the most difficult situation you’ll ever come across. If you are going for a bachelor’s degree, it isn’t much of trouble because for the first year you have to live on-campus. By the time it’s the second year, you have made friends with whom you plan to share accommodation off-campus. The problem occurs when you go for a master’s degree, and you have to find your own accommodation. Here are four tips while selecting accommodation while studying abroad:

1. Safety

Choose a safe locality even if the rent is a little higher than other areas. Look for a locality which has strong student strength. Also, don’t allow unless it is an on-campus accommodation. Stay with a couple roommates so that you are never alone. Don’t stay out for long because you are still getting to know things and don’t want to get lost in the dark.

2. Proximity to the university campus

Now, cost does play an important role but if you are sharing the apartment, choose a cheaper and farther away apartment. If your city has a good public transportation system, then you can choose a farther accommodation. If the transport isn’t good enough, choose a nearby accommodation so that you can reach the campus using your bicycle or by walking.

3. On-campus accommodation

If you want to save your transport costs, go for an on-campus accommodation. It is costlier but often includes utilities cost and food cost. You don’t have to spend time cooking either. If you’ve taken a challenging course, an on-campus accommodation is the best.

4. Make roommates back at home

Contact your overseas education counselor and ask them if they’ve any students going to the same university you are going to go. Discuss with those students if they are okay sharing an apartment with you.

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