British Columbia Regional Pilot Opens for Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs intending to migrate to British Columbia with the help of the regional pilot are now free to make the first move towards getting a community referral. The current regional pilot which officially began on the 14th of March 2019 is aimed at increasing the number of new businesses and opening up opportunities in Minor communities in the region. Also, skillful entrepreneurs endorsed through the regional pilot will be given a work permit which can only be used for a short time. They can then appeal to be nominated by a province for the Canadian permanent residence has met all eligibility requirements. The regional pilot is provided for communities with people fewer than 75,000 in locations not greater than 30km away from major communities with a high number of residents. This post was formed to help out minor communities with their human population statistics and economic problems. A significant number of communities, above 30 communities to be precise have associated with the pilot. These communities are now eligible to recommend competent entrepreneurs to the BC PNP for approval. The Comox is one out of many other communities involved in the pilot. It has a population of 15, 000 on the eastern coast of Vancouver Island. The mayor of this region, Russ Arnott said that they are one of the rapidly growing regions and they want to bring in more skills and businesses, thereby increasing their economy and creating job opportunities. However, these communities are required to have needed services to satisfy entrepreneurs sent to them. The British Colonial minister for jobs, trade, and technology, in the person of Bruce Ralston, said that minor communities around the province have economic problems and that this pilot will help them grow and also open up a vast number of opportunities.

Eligibility Criteria and Registration Process for Intending Immigrant Entrepreneurs 

Certain criteria are to be met to be an eligible candidate. First of all, the entrepreneurs must personally evaluate themselves, after that visit the community of their choice to see if their business will thrive there. On such visits, the entrepreneurs will submit their business proposal to the regional pilot in charge. They may then request for a recommendation from the community to register with the pilot. Also, the entrepreneurs are expected to present information about their intended work, work experience, education, net worth, and language. Other criteria include at least 100,000 dollars investment for intended business; personal net worth not less than 300,000 dollars; have at least 3 years’ experience as a current entrepreneur or more than 4 working years as a senior manager in the past 5 years. The entrepreneur must also be good in English or French as required by the Canadian Language Benchmark; must create at least one job opportunity for the Canadian inhabitants, and finally must be willing to take not less than 51 percent ownership of the business. After the whole registration process, the candidates will be awarded scores. The highest scored candidate will then be requested to submit a proper application. The BC PNP said that the applications are usually processed within 4 months after which the applicants get an invitation to an interview at Vancouver to deliberate on their applications. Candidates that are approved must sign are to sign an agreement of performance with the BC PNP which states all the criteria to be met before one is qualified for Permanent Residence in Canada. After the interview, qualified applicants are given a work permit letter by the BC PNP, and they can request for a temporary work permit from the Canadian Government, which can only be used for two years. If the terms and conditions of a candidate’s performance agreement are met, the BC PNP appoints such candidates for permanent residency status in Canada, a status where an immigrant is granted the right to live and work in Canada without a time limit. Stay connected to Visa News to know more updated visa news from Australia, Canada, Europe, the UK, and the USA! Please fill our Evaluation form to know whether you are eligible or not and we will also suggest you for the better options available for you.

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